Publication & Experience


- "ARTEMIS: Mixed-Reality Environment for Immersive Surgical Telementoring", Abstracts of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 04/25/2020. Nadir Weibel, Danilo Gasques, Janet Johnson, Thomas Sharkey, Zhuoqun Xu, Xinming Zhang, Michael Yip, and Konrad Davis

- "The Operating room Augmented Reality Display", Manuscript in prep. JOURNAL. Zhuoqun Xu, Nadir Weibel

- "FrameVR: A Virtual Reality based tool for Design, Analysis, and Optimization of Automotive Space Frame Chassis". Ongoing publication of IEEE VR 2021. JOURNAL. Jadhav S., Xu Z., Tolley M. T., Schulze J. P.

- "Virtual Reality and EEG Assessment of Collaborative Social Interaction". Manuscript in prep. NSF Grants. Zhuoqun Xu, Leanne Chukoskie

- "6-Axis Redirection of Body Motion and Misdirection of Somatic Sensing in Virtual Space". Manuscript in prep. JOURNAL. Zhuoqun Xu

Research experience

Robin Xu

- The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination, Interaction Research intern, dedicated to understanding the flow of human perception and how it transforms into social interaction.

- The Muotri lab, BOARDS (Brain Organoid Advanced Research Developed in Space)

- Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience, Research Assistant, research on how human make and perform decision with assigned tasks, develop parallel data processing tool with streaming neuroscience data gathering

- Augmented Reality & Techniques in Somatic Sensing Team (ARTSSt), explore how humans involved AR and present in abstract way

- Design Lab, research telementorship GUIs and visualizing large-scale point clouds data from multiple sensors with procedural generation and synchronization

- California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, Research on cross-regional medical collaboration in novel surgery spaces

- Qualcomm Institute, Research on Cloud-based Graphics Renderer / Containerized Game Server / Virtual Reality Peripheral Network / Spatial Anchor System for Shared Space

Teaching and work experience:

- Penrose Inc. 2020, Application Developer

- Qualcomm Institute, 2019-2020, Software Developer

- Teaching Assistant, 2018-2021, UCSD Computer Science and Engineering Department / Electrical and Computer Engineering Department / Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute

Other experience:

Triton XR, officer, project manager, plan and manage hackathon, tech jam, popular science events in college and k12 schools in San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles.

The Democracy Lab 2.0, community volunteer of HUD's program, teaching and helping marginalized school children

Lavender, Lead Editor & Vice Director, Best Picture/Best Edit/Best Sound Design at SDTV 48 HOUR FILM FESTIVAL 2018